Iced Mushrooms

STORY – You’ve reached TREE BASE: established, secure, and a launching point for the southward frontier. Travel to the mushroom island of WEIRD over a frozen ocean on a super-fast boat. Visit UNFORTUNE, where many villagers wander around on cliff faces, trying to reach their beds and jobs. The Map House has locators leading to each of these places, and another to bring you back home.

Sorted inventory of items and materials
Enchanting, books, and lapis lazuli
Easy access to lush cave + deep mine
Tall tree lookout perch
Cartography supplies
Farmland and sugar cane
Cow pen and fox-proof chicken coop
Nature trail to nearby village
Ice road to mushroom island

Download and install using the .MCWORLD file below. The file opens in Minecraft and installs automatically on Windows 10/11, iOS, and many Android devices.

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IRON Advancement
Secure base, coal + iron, cows, wheat + sugar farm, ore mine, partial enchanting, diamond pick