Legit Survival

Legit Survival offers downloadable maps for Bedrock Minecraft that were built using only survival mode, without commands, cheats, exploits, or creative mode.

Get a head-start on advanced resources and explore unique, story-rich builds! Achievements are ON because everything was earned and built in survival.

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Blog Posts

Ideas for funding Legit Survival

In the past two years, Legit Survival has released over 20 maps! In that time, I’ve maintained this website so that players can easily download those maps without intrusive ads. It’s a labor of love; a passion project; it’s something I really enjoy, which is why I’ve continued to pay out of pocket for everything…

Our most advanced map ever

Planet 1138 is a triumph! Go to the download page to get the map, and to see the full list of players and their builds (with coordinates).

Six weeks on Planet 1138

We’re half-way through the Planet 1138 server project! I’m here to reflect, share some pics, and plan for the future. Many players have advanced their wealth and power tremendously. Fascinating builds have sprung up, and many players do a fair amount of trade. There are working mob farms that generate XP and useful items, just…

By Request: Cam Inc. Edition

A viewer on our YouTube channel recently requested an “old map” of mine that they remembered had more builds than the one already available. They sent a video of it, and it was the CAM INC. edition of TorchLand Dertch! Note that this version of the map is NOT Legit – meaning achievements are off.…


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